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Landscape Masters is fully equipped and ready to handle any size commercial property with maximum efficiency and high-quality standards. Seasoned with 35 years of experience within climate zones 5, 7 and 11, we are ready to go to work for you with unmatched customer service and complete communication every step of the way.

Our General Manager Wendell Williams is on the job with full support from his experienced and quality oriented Crew Leaders down to his expandable workforce that will facilitate and complete your project above your expectations. Wendell possesses 35 years of experience in the Landscape, small engine repair and service industries in North Carolina.

Glenn Owen is our Sales Manager with 32 years of experience in all facets of Landscaping, including layout, design and complete project fulfillment. Glenn started his career in Connecticut in 1985 as a business owner in the Landscape industry as well as developing a complete property management service in south Florida throughout the early to mid-1990’s. Glenn continued his career in North Carolina in 1997, where he currently exercises his experience and knowledge in the Landscape industry.

Our team’s commitment is passion driven and second to none.

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