Dry Bed

There is a lot of water coming from the back yard as well as the gutter down spout! We designed and installed this attractive low maintenance garden with a dry creek bed to catch and slow the water allowing it to disperse into the turf. These plants loved their surroundings so much they have spread and flourished.

Mailbox Garden

Attractive low maintenance perennial garden with metal edging to keep the Bermuda turf from creeping into the mulch.

Gravel Driveways Done Right!

If you had gravel you still have it. Nobody stole it 😊. The gravel needs to be chisel graded and redistributed to allow for drainage.
Top dressed where needed… just look how much we pulled up on the right compared to the left side.


We can prune it and prune as it should be.

Leaf Cleanup

We have a vacuum truck for leaves. Just so you know it is not legal to have your landscaper pile leaves in or by the road even though you may have city provided leaf pick up.

Storm Clean-up

Yep we do that!

Patio with Pergola

A project we contracted.

Landscape Rocks

Tired of replacing mulch… this is an idea.